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Avoid injuries and get the best Yoga experience with our highly expert Yoga Teachers for Personal & Group Training. We also conduct Outdoor Yoga Sessions.

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There is more than meets the eye. Yoga is much more than what you do on a piece of rubber mat. “समत्वं योग उच्यते” (2.48 - Gita) “Balanced in success and failure. Evenness of mind is called YOGA”.

Ancient Yog Aasana Pranayama Mudra Bandh


Aims, & objective
Our main Aim is to preserve Hath yoga practice in its purest form. We do this with an in-depth one on One & Group programs which will not only acquaint you with all the tenets of yoga philosophy and history but will also assist you to intensify and master yoga asanas anatomically and therapeutically. Daily pranayama and meditation classes with mantra chanting to perceive its full strengthening and equalization properties. An understanding of yogic discipline, diet and cleansing rituals is essential to lead a true yogic life. Join us in Pune with our experienced yoga teachers trained in the ancient style of Hath Yoga for an in-depth one on One and/or Group program.

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Yoga has empirically established that you have the power to heal yourself Discover Yoga for Heart Health, Diabetes Care, Asanas for Asthma, prevention and control of Cardiovascular diseases, Yoga for Anxiety and Stress, Yoga Exercises for Back Pain, or managing PCOS, managing Obesity and a whole lot more through just 30-60 minutes of daily, disciplined, guided yoga and meditation practice that helps your body unlock its natural healing powers.


युक्ताहारविहारस्य युक्तचेष्टस्य कर्मसु ।
युक्तस्वप्‍नावबोधस्य योगो भवति दु:खहा

yuktāhāra-vihārasya yukta-ceṣṭasya karmasu
yukta-svapnāvabodhasya yogo bhavati duḥkha-hā
(Chapter 6 Verse 17 - Gita)

He who is regulated in his habits of eating, sleeping, recreation and work can mitigate all material pains by practicing the yoga system. YOGA becomes the destroyer of pain for him who is moderate in eating and recreation, who is moderate in his exertion during his actions, who is moderate in sleep and wakefulness.

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Expert Ashtang 1 Day YOG Workshop

Morning: Pranayam, Aasan & Alignment & Yoga Anatomy

Evening: Meditation & Yog Darshan (Philosophy)

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Sonu Gautam

Yogi Sonu Gautam a highly experienced Yoga teacher from Rishikesh - India. He has conducted over 3000 hrs of training. Born in Himachal Pradesh, he now lives and teaches at the Yoga Capital of the World - Rishikesh, where he conducts 200, 300 hours of teacher training & Yoga therapy courses. All the yoga students appreciate practicing yoga with him.

His incredible flexibility and practice. His deep knowledge of Yoga will help you to understand the reality. His wisdom and patience will show you the way to self-realization.

He is an expert in:

  • Ancient Hatha Yoga
  • Shatkriyas & Mudras
  • Adjust, correction & Alignment
  • Ashtanga Vinyasa Mysore
  • Bandha & Pranayama
  • Practicum, how to teach
  • Prerna Goyal

    Prerna Goyal an adept and confident Yoga trainer, she learned from the best as an apprentice for over 13 months in Rishikesh. Her positive and joyful nature is appreciated by everyone. Practicing with her is not less than a therapeutic experience.

    She is an expert in:

  • Ancient Hatha Yoga
  • Adjust, correction & Alignment
  • Bandha & Pranayama
  • Practicum, how to teach
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